Landscaping in Karachi Pakistan

At our company, Landscape .pk, we aim at building up the landscape design and implement it in Karachi and areas near to it. The residential project may include working with balcony design, garden outlining. Apart from this, we also provide commercial site mapping which includes planning for vertical gardens. The landscape planning for resorts, hospitals, corporate buildings and more are also a part of our commercial site mapping.

After the garden is prepared, we also look into the maintenance part. This will help you to ensure that your garden is in proper condition and blooming throughout the entire time. We have spent most of our years analyzing and researching different designs regarding landscapes, green areas, terrace gardens, and even vertical gardens depending on the climate of the city.

Landscape Architecture

The environment is the first thing people notice while visiting your property. The well-maintained landscape architecture helps to assure that the company is one of the best and have been taking proper care of things. Apart from the service, the company also takes care of the working environment.

Our experts help you to redesign your old garden and even design the new green space. These would be not only aesthetically attractive but also beneficial and quite affordable

Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping is referred to as the art of improving the aesthetic and appearance of the property utilizing living plants. The home should be a reflection of your lifestyle.

Balcony gardening is a recently developed idea. The concept of balcony gardening helps to utilize the area of balcony whether the region cannot be used. Most of the people are living in apartments, and they can use the gallery to the garden. In a busy city such as Karachi, you can create an enjoyable green balcony irrespective of the space.